Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura 5s – The most refined Futura yet


Scotty Cameron describes the Futura line as “wings and things.” Considering where the line originated, that seems an understatement. The first Futura looked like a twisted horseshoe on a stick. The aluminum face was joined to a stainless steel shaped like a horseshoe for soft feel and high moment of inertia. Frankly, it was hideous but it putted well and is still favored by some diehards.

The new Futura line is much evolved and there is literally something for everyone. You have two more traditional designs matched with the traditional high MOI designs that made the line what it is today. Each model uses Scotty’s latest refinements for the Futura line.


The face and sole are one piece of aircraft aluminum while the top and sides of the putter are stainless steel. All models have non-adjustable weights on the sole located at the extreme ends of the putter. The funky looking 6m has additional weights mounted outboard of the weight wings for additional MOI. The two halves are joined together with a vibration damping elastomer sandwiched in between. This helps tune the feel to golfers’ liking.

The 5s we sampled is typical of the line. Scotty Cameron has worked to make the Futura’s looks less offensive. He’s smoothed out all the edges so facets flow one into the other. On the 5s a back bar completes the mallet shape.

Futura offers an enhanced sight picture at address. The alignment lines are raised to do away with any distortion that curves or relief might introduce. The rest of the lines on the putter subtly work to frame the ball and give the golfer instant feedback when setting the putter behind the ball. Like all mallets of this nature, the Futura 5s is extremely easy to aim.


The feel is what you expect from a Scotty Cameron. It’s soft, delicious but gives detailed feedback on impact. Distance control was automatic but it was interesting at how straight and far the mishits went. We tested the Futura 5s on off-center hits, attempting to contact the ball towards the extreme ends of the putter, where the sightlines are.

On these extreme off-center hits the Futura 5s barely twisted at all. Because of the center shaft configuration, it was difficult to hit the ball on the heel of the putter but when we did, the ball rolled out consistently and the face was most stable. The same results occurred on putts hit out close to the toe. This is a very forgiving putter on mishits.

The ball seems to come off the face a bit hot. This isn’t a bad thing. Just something to keep in the back of your head so you don’t overcook your lag putts. It’s quite easy to get used to and virtually guarantees that you’ll get the ball to the hole.


The center shaft configuration might not appeal to all but there are six other putters in the Futura line that employ the same technologies and vary slightly in design and execution. At a hair under twenty-five thousand Pesos, the Scotty Camerons are pricey but there seems to be no shortage of people willing to pay for this level of quality.

So, the Scotty Cameron 5s lives up to the Titleist hype machine’s claims. It feels soft at impact and provides the highest resistance to twisting with some of the most beautiful aesthetics that you can find on a mallet. It is a beautiful and relentlessly effective tool for getting a golf ball into the cup. It is a putter worth the high price tag it commands.


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