Evnroll ER6 – A putter that corrects your mishits


Guerin Rife is the man behind Evnroll. Rife is a bit of a legend in the industry. He is the inventor of face groove technology and founded the Rife Putter Company in 2000. He later sold the company and started making high-end putters in very limited quantities. Evnroll is his foray back into the thick of the fight.

Evnroll uses Rife’s new groove design. Call it grooves 2.0. His research showed that if he reduced the contact surface in the middle of the putter with more widely spaced grooves and increased the contact surface towards the heel and toe with narrower grooves, then the putter would progressively hit the ball harder as you go away from the center. Because most of the mass is right behind the center, the ball will go the same distance. This is the essence of Evnroll putters.

The other thing that Evnroll’s groove design does is on off-center hits the ball tends to work its way back towards the target. This phenomenon is called the gear effect. We see this on strikes with the longer clubs; balls hit off the toe, start to the right then work their way back to the center. Conversely, heel-side hits start off to the left then work their way back towards the target. Rife has figured how to achieve the same effect with his groove design.


The putter also features LineAline technology where two small unpainted dots sit on the topline of the putter 1/8 inch either side of the center sightline. This provides a subtle alignment reference for consistent lie angle positioning as well as helping on breaking putts.

Aligning the ball in front of the toe-side dot on right-to-left putts and in front of the heel-side dot on left-to-right putts will help keep the ball travelling on the high side of the target line as 90% of breaking putts are missed below the hole.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the color. The metallic red hue is arresting, to say the least. The machining on the ER6 (and the rest of the Evnroll line, for that matter) is exquisite. Thin grooves run down the top of the mallet, providing an additional alignment aid for the golfer. A medallion covers the rear weight port and adds even more bling to the package. The grip is a meaty affair that’s tacky and affords loads of purchase. The cover is a premium item and comes with an integrated ball marker. This is a premium product, no doubt.

It performs like one too. The roll, as the name promises, is even; no bumps or skips. This makes distance control automatic. Aiming the ER6 is straightforward – the toplines make short work of making sure you’re pointing down your intended line. The feel is soft and sound a bit muted – the ER6 is a very, very good putter.


The ER6 has a port at the back of the clubhead with a weight that accounts for 85% of the ER6’s weight. Having the weight positioned thusly keeps the face stable and more resistant to twisting. This stability makes it easier to find the club’s center of percussion through the stroke.

All well and good but how does all that work in practice?

It works quite well. Slightly off-center hits do seem to work their way back to the target and travel almost exactly the same distance as center hits. Toe hits seem to travel the furthest but only just so. That’s amazing. Center hits, as well as hits about one centimeter towards the toe or heel will all travel the same distance to roughly the same spot. It’s easy to line up, putts very well and has killer looks to boot. At just over nineteen thousand, it’s pricey to be sure but products of this quality usually are.



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